Since 2008. we have successfully put through 3 programs (Our children's natural health, Healthy child-happy child, Our children- naturally healthy) that helped children and adolescents to solve their psycho-physical difficulties on the most natural and safest way.


This year we are focusing on program Healthy-Happy for children and adolescent with psycho-physical difficulties such as: hyperactivity, aggression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, epilepsy, bedwetting, allergies, poor immune system, bronchitis, asthma, depression, fears, lack of self-eestem, speech problems, eye problems, motoric problems and others.



Program contains natural methods: accupressure, reflexotherapy, relaxation, education, specific exercises and eye exercises in combination with playgroups and workshops that include didactic, social, symbolic games and grafomotoric exercises. Treating specific energy meridians on body we are stimulating work of 5 main organs (heart, lungs, liver, spleen and kidney) and release blocades that caused problems.



This is our way of achieveing permanent results: diminishing hyperactive and aggresive behaviour and bedwetting, dissapearance of allergies, bronchitis and asthma, strenghteningof the immune system, better eyesight, speaking and motoric functions. Number and frequency of epileptic seizures diminishes, children have better understanding, concentration and communication, more will to study and get better grades in school, more interest in activities, they are more creative and open towards people and new things. Their relationships with parents, friends and teachers are much better and more qualitative.


Better childs health status has positive affect on the whole family. Family becomes more relaxed, calmer, satisfied and happier. Parents can go to work or get a job and become once again usefull members of society.




Doctors approve and support our program after seeing results of examinations that confirm improvement and progress of health status of users our programs. Year after year our programs attend more and more children mostly by personal recommendation. That is the best proof of quality and effectivness of our work and our programs.