About us

International Association of Natural Health is a non-profit organization aimed to further and improve the quality of life and health of citizens, children and young people with special needs, including persons with disabilities. The main activity of the Association is to provide adequate educational - rehabilitation programs aimed at improving health.

Through regularly conducted programs and projects: Health first of all, I have health - I have a life, Natural health of our children, A healthy child - A happy child, Our children - Naturally healthy, we achieved a number of results: the disappearance of allergies, vision improve, loss of claustrophobia, chronic bronchitis, strengthening the immune system, improved circulation, stop bedwetting, better communication within the school and in the family cirles, security, tranquility, better concentration, greater interest and willingness to learn and many others.

In programme we’re using natural methods: education, relaxation, specific exercises, acupressure and massage reflexotherapy, whose presenters and therapists were trained by expert doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine.